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The Beginning of Property Management in Southeast Idaho

It all began July of 1985…

Shortly after Michael Baird received his masters degree from ISU in the early 80’s, he got that entrepreneurial spirit, and with the help of is wonderful wife, Patsy Baird, they felt the desire to help renters find a home, and help owners find good tenants. They noticed the housing needs of many US Navy employees that were relocating to the area to work at the Idaho National Laboratories. Mike and Patsy started by offering a listing catalog to tenants of available rentals in the area, which very shortly developed into a full service property management company.

Idaho Falls Neighborhood Rentals Office

For 30 years, our founders, Mike and Patsy, have served our community and have managed real estate for several thousands of renters and real estate owners. We have experienced every situation that can be imagined when it comes to managing real estate. We have built relationships with investors, banks, contractors, local government, and more, creating a strong network of local support. We have grown housing, helped renters find the perfect home, worked with the community, helped investors build real estate portfolios, and much more. Thanks to our founders, Neighborhood Rentals has become, and plays, a vital part of our local housing industry.

Owners and Office Managers

Jeremy Westwood

Jeremy Westwood is the owner and general manager of Neighborhood Rentals Property Management of Idaho Falls. Jeremy has held several positions in the property management business, from a maintenance supervisor, leasing agent, assistant property manager, property manager, and now owner. Jeremy is from eastern Idaho; born and raised in Sugar City and a proud graduate, with an MBA, from Idaho State University. Jeremy’s vast knowledge of property management and education give him the ability to manage your property with success and confidence.

Under our care, knowledge, and experience we have the ability to manage your property better than anyone else in Southeast Idaho.