Neighborhood Rentals

What We Manage
Single family home rentals in south east idaho

Single Family Homes

You own a home, and it's time to move. You have two questions, do I sell, or do I rent? We can help answer that question. We have been managing single family homes for over 30 years. We know how to care for them, and how to set the right rent and deposit amounts. We also offer bill pay services including your mortgage payment. Often these single family homes can be leverage to build your real estate portfolio.

Multi-Family Complexes

Enjoy apartment living with Rentmaster and let us help you manage these type of close communities. We rent and have managed duplexes, fourplexes, large apartment complexes, college housing, basement units, and more. Under our care, we help tenants understand and live in a multi-family complex that respects peaceful living and a clean and quiet community.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes give the privacy of a single family home with the rent of most apartments. They are different than traditional foundation and brick-and-mortar homes, requiring specific maintenance knowledge unique to their design and construction. We have experience in managing hundreds mobile homes such as moving, remodeling, and winterizing these homes. For first time investors, mobile homes are a great way to learn the ropes on a budget and can provide a great ROI.


Rentmaster understands how commercial real estate management differs from other types of real estate portfolios. For example, commercial vendors, pricing, liabilities, preventative maintenance, janitorial needs, landscaping, side walk & parking lot care, commercial leases, and much more. We also have developed relationships with commercial brokers to act as a management service under their business name and umbrella, making commercial broker services more attractive.

HOA Rental management in Idaho Falls


HOA's can be stressful and hard to keep managed. We can manage everything for you including due collections, establishing & enforcing guidelines, neighborhood maintenance, help create agendas and hold meetings. Our advanced accounting software will allow home owners to pay their HOA fees online and we make sure all your accounting is well managed. We can devote the professional attention your HOA needs and make your neighborhood a nicer place to live.

Storage Units

Rentmaster management services for storage unit facilities provides a resemblance of onsite management for facilities that do not have onsite manager. We provide a full-time location to advertise, show, and rent the vacant units. We have experience with security, collections, clean-outs and much more. Our accounting systems and online payment options help increase timely rent collection and quick owner disbursements.

Land Management

Rentmaster manages several communities that require lot rent collection. We manage single rented lots to large communities with over 400 lots. Our average monthly lot rent collection is close to 100%. We have experience moving homes onto lots, liens, possession, and more. We can manage collections, grounds care, road repair and more.

RV Parks

Rentmaster can help you manage, advertise and rent out your RV lots and campgrounds. We provide online payment options available on mobile devices. We employ a yield management system to maximize profit. We use advanced online scheduling and reservation software. We actively work to grow your online exposure and can provide back-end service to care for the utilities and grounds care.