Neighborhood Rentals

Levels of Service

Levels Of Our Service


Our involvement with your investment property can be customized based on 3 levels.


Level 1- We’re here for you

We offer quality un-biased consulting with your current portfolio and potential investment properties! Also at this level, owners can list vacancies on our national website at . This offers a great audience and guaranteed applications at no cost to you.


Level 2- A helping hand

You’ll receive Level 1 service and more! We advertise your place using our advanced marketing techniques. Once the applications start rolling in we screen the potential tenants, use our leasing documents and help collect the tenants’ first payment. Once we set you up it’s back to you for any landlord duties!


Level 3- Sit back and relax

Rentmaster will be your landlord! We take complete care for the property and tenant. Collecting rent, maintenance, notice and evictions, bill paying, deposit reconciliation and more; this is what we excel in and to help you live peacefully and comfortably. At this level you can step back and receive a monthly check and financial report.